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Clive wins. Winnie wins. They are with Jesus, experiencing things we can only begin to imagine.

We miss them so very much and love them beyond measure. And in all this, God is still good.

Clive Samuel George
April 29, 2015- June 6, 2015

Winona Joy George
August 12, 2016- August 21, 2016

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We're Sam and Rachel George.

Mama and Daddy to sweet Clive Samuel and Winnie Joy who are now with Jesus.

This blog shares our story and God's story in our lives.  

We met in college and we've been married since 2009.  We live in central Illinois in this sweet little-ish town called Danville.  Rachel taught kindergarten, and now does some developmental therapy with infants and toddlers.  Sam works for his family's business selling greenhouses.  We love coffee and Danville, so we opened Mad Goat Coffee and have awesome employees that keep it going while Sam carries on the business behind the scenes.  

We love kids.  We can't wait to have our house full of them.  After trying to get pregnant for nearly a year, we were so thrilled to be expecting baby George #1.  Our hearts broke when we lost that baby in a miscarriage.  God was with us and comforted us through the pain. 

Several months later, we became pregnant again with our son Clive.  Everything went so well until a routine 30 week appointment.  Clive's heartbeat was irregular and I was immediately admitted into the hospital.  He had an arrhythmia and rapid heart rate (SVTs).   After close monitoring for 2 1/2 weeks, the doctors decided that the fluid was building up too much on his body and he needed to be born for treatments to start.  Baby Clive was born at 32 weeks on April 29, 2015.  4 lbs, 14 oz.  Beautiful and wide eyed.  He made great progress with all the preemie stuff.  He was strong and happy and gave us great big grins as we stayed by his bedside in the NICU.  The doctors tried medication after medication to treat his heart.  A generally simple and treatable heart condition became a challenge as Clive didn't respond to the medications.  At nearly 1 month old, he went into heart failure and had an emergency surgery.  He lived, but they were unable to fully correct his heart condition.  He remained on life support for 10 days, and made some progress.  He was such a strong little boy! His vital organs were never able to fully recover from the period of cardiac arrest he experienced and he made it clear it was time to be with Jesus.  After 39 days with us, Clive Samuel passed in our arms on June 6, 2015.  

It is with great sorrow that we had only five weeks with Clive. However, in that short time he blessed so many people. We are so blessed to have known him and call him our son. Even at eight weeks premature, he had a full head of beautiful auburn hair and an infectious smile complete with dimples. Clive showed a peaceful, content and joyful personality in the midst of sickness and difficulty.

To those who were blessed to meet him and care for him, his life and personality loom much larger than the short time he had on this earth. We spent countless hours by his side reading to him, singing, rocking him, holding his hand and rubbing his beautiful head. He was never alone, always loved and received wonderful care from the hospital staff.

Although he never left the hospital, he went to a better home than any we could have prepared for him. Clive still lives, and lives a life much greater than any of us yet know. He is filled with joy and peace; his body is now completely healed, and someday we will see him again.

Clive wins. He's in the arms of our Savior. He's safe and healed and fully alive.

Clive’s greatest accomplishment in his short life was drawing people toward God. So many people covered him with prayer and drew near to God during this time. God heard and answered these prayers. He healed Clive in a different way, in a more perfect way. As our hearts ache, we continue to draw near to the God of comfort and peace.

Winnie joined our arms on August 12, 2016 and went to be with Jesus just 9 days later.  It was sudden, unexpected.  Although we had some long-term health concerns, there was no concern of death.  We're navigating these waters of grief again.  We'll update this page and the blog as we have more to share.  Thank you for journeying with us.

God is still good. Even in the valley, He is faithful and good. We know that truth. We hope you can see our honesty and struggles and God's goodness in spite of our inadequacies.

We're remembering Clive, Winnie, and our little friend, Thao, by giving Jesus Storybook Bibles to families that find themselves in situations like ours.  Find out more at www.room423bibles.com or facebook.com/room423bibles

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