Meet Clive

Meet Clive (pictures and video)
Songs: "Your Hands" by JJ Heller
"Orphan Song" by Karla Adolphe

Clive's Memorial Service (recording of the service's message and worship)

Clivey Boy by The Brillance
One of our favorite bands wrote a song, just for this sweet boy.  We're forever grateful. 

Clivey Boy 
Clivey Boy 

Open your eyes 

I woke from a dream 
A dream where I fell 
Veiled in shadow
heavens grace

To do it over again
To hold you in my arms

Every time we go to sleep
Will I find you in my dreams? 

Clivey Boy 

Open your eyes 

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  1. I just watched your videos and I'm bawling...but a good kind. Thank you for sharing him! <3